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I've been remiss in my blog posts. Apologies all around. My life has been crazy busy but full, and for that I am grateful. (I'm practicing counting my blessings as one step to a happier life.)

Aside from tending my garden which brings me such joy, I've been hard at work finding, interviewing, and editing guest interviews for my podcast, "Older Women And Friends."

It's been an exciting journey that has boosted my admiration for so many women who are doing such important things. Here's a lineup of upcoming episodes.

*Sky Bergman, Independent Filmmaker, "Lives Well Lived"

*Ashton Applewhite, Anti-Ageism Activist, Author

*Shannon Jarrott, Professor of Social Work,The Ohio State University, intergenerational friendships

These guests and I will be chatting about everything from menstrual equity (Who knew?) to intergenerational friendships, from changing the narrative about older people (women and men) to a documentary film titled "Lives Well Lived."

Up right now is a moving and uplifting chat with Joanne Greene, author of By Accident, A Memoir of Letting Go

"As I step into the crosswalk, there's a sudden, deafening sound. An explosion maybe? Then I'm airborne, thrown onto the hood of a car. What the hell?"

Joanne was hit by a car, broke all kinds of bones, and couldn't do a thing for herself. Her complete recovery took 18 months. During that time this once "perfect" wife, mother, radio personality, and volunteer had to let go of control of everything. The lessons she learned about herself and her roles helped her through cancer, deaths of loved ones, and the day-to-day stresses of lives. OR wherever you listen to podcasts

And, please, if you'd like to write a review on Apple Podcasts (see above link), it's free and easy.

  1. Open Apple Podcast App.

  2. Go to the icons at the bottom of the screen and choose “search”

  3. Search for “Older Women and Friends Podcast”

  4. Click on the SHOW, not the episode.

  5. Scroll all the way down to “Ratings and Reviews”

  6. Click on “Write a Review”


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