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Are you a woman in your mid-life? Are you dealing for the first time with feeling invisible? Are you trying to beat the clock of aging? Do you look toward the experiences and wisdom of older women to help show the way? Join Ann Douglas, author of “Navigating the Messy Middle: A Fiercely Honest and Wildly Encouraging Guide for Midlife Women,” and me in an engaging discussion for both younger and older women.

Ann Douglas avoids pinpointing the exact years of mid-life, and that's wise. As she told me, women develop in very unique ways: some women are almost eighty and still feel as if they are in mid-life; other women feel as if they've left mid-life in the rearview mirror years ago. Some women have a very challenging chunk of years, caught between caring for their own family and for an aging parent or another family member. Some women sail right through menopause, with few, if any, symptoms. But there are others whose lives are disrupted, big time.

As a woman approaching birthday number 78, I count myself in the older, wiser group. Still, so much of what Ann had to say rang true and made me think about how the challenges women face when they are, say, between 45 and 64, are not so very different from those we even older women face. Only, as far as I see it, the time is flying, and the window of opportunity to make changes shrinks day by day. There is an urgency that is not as profound as in mid-life.


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