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Write One Review, PLEASE!!

The more reviews, the better the chance of someone finding you online, Yep, that goes for bloggers, musicians, artists, writers, and podcasters like me.

Since the end of last November when I launched the "Older Women & Friends," podcast, I have set goals. Fifty listens to an episode, then 100, then 150. I've upped the ante to 175 and more.

How can you help?

  • Tell your friends about the podcast

  • Go to apple podcasts and write a review. Hell, all it takes is clicking on 5 Stars!

  • Join the "Older Women & Friends" private group on Facebook. I just need a few more members to reach a whopping 200 which isn't bad considering the thousands, make that, millions, of private groups.

  • Tell your friends!

  • Again, nothing works better than personal recommendations.


"Becoming Clitorate" -

"Intergenerational Friendships"

"Younger Women Speak Out About Getting Older"

+ Much More

Thanks for listening and for writing a review. It means a lot!


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