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Seventy and Me 


WE older women have a lot to say about love, grief, loss, and resilience. We are more comfortable speaking our truth and not taking any crap. We've been good scouts and earned our badges. Now it's time to change the perception that the gig is just about up when, in truth, the second wave of the gig has just begun.

Bring it on!

We know a thing or two (OMG! I'm channeling the "We are Farmers" commercial) about living life boldly. We are comfortable in our own skin (Well, some of us more than others) and gain confidence and strength when we share our stories.

We are the matriarchs -- the women at the top of the food chain--who've been given the precious gift of passing along the wisdom we've fought so hard for, the pitfalls along the way, and the knowledge that, only with the support of other older women, can we survive and thrive.

Together, we can build a community of wise women who are strong, self-fulfilled, and fun to be around.

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