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Are The Days Whizzing By? They are for me!

I know the experts say that time seems to go faster and faster as we age. But why? "One hypothesis," writes Karen Brees, co-author of Getting Real About Getting Older, is that "our biological clock slows as we age and, while we are slowing down physically, we perceive the rest of the world as speeding up."

This sensation can partially be explained by the fact that it takes older people (That's us!) longer to do things than it used to, and as a result, they (we) feel time is passing quickly.

Well, yes and no. It doesn't take me longer to, say, sort the laundry. But, yes, it takes longer--sometimes a lot longer--to pull the flowers in my garden or learn a few new words in Spanish. All I know is that one day it's Monday, and the next day it's Sunday. It's damn scary.

Remember when you were younger, a lot younger, and couldn't wait to get your driver's license, leave home for college or move in with roommates? Life seemed to move at a snail's pace; you'd never be independent, an adult.

And now? We are acutely aware of the clock ticking and wondering how much time we have left. Will we check off all the items on our Bucket List? Take that big trip to the Far East or the Galapagos Islands. Finish the novel you started years ago but are set on completing no matter what. Master an instrument or an art form. The list is endless and subjective.

As time seems to be whizzing by, it's often hard to remember what day of the week it is, sometimes what month. Unless you keep a calendar or use your cellphone calendar app, it's easy to be confused. My husband, for example, is constantly asking me the date and what, for Pete's sake, did we do the day before. Sometimes I can remember; other times I'm as confused as he is.

With time flying, does that mean that I won't be as unhappy in the short, dark days of winter because four months+ will feel like two? Will the spring solstice seem to arrive more quickly, just as the last days of summer have disappeared? There may just be an upside to all of this time business. I'm trying my best here . . .

So, what's the solution to this rollercoaster of time? Well, Brees whom I quoted earlier suggests that we do more and stay more active. That oft-repeated refrain: "Live within the day you're in." Or as the spiritual leader, Ram Daas said, "Be here now." (Not sure what role his dropping LSD played in all of this.)

It feels as if I just sat down to pen this post early this afternoon and lo and behold, it's time for dinner. Tick Tock. Or TikTok if you prefer.


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