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"I'm A Senior Woman & I Still Care How I Look" Sheila Hansen, Guest Blogger

Hi. My name is Sheila. I’m 69 years old and I still care about how I look. I don’t think I’m alone on this. But if you pay attention to the media and fashion worlds, women our age are almost non-existent.

Sheila Hansen, Asheville Green Beauty

The first time I noticed this trend was when I eagerly began reading an article in “O” magazine about how to take care of your skin in each decade – “In your 20s, do this, in your 30s, try that, 40s, 50s," and then the article ended. It’s Oprah’s magazine and she’s in her 60s. I was pissed.

I listened to famous makeup artist Bobbi Brown being interviewed recently. She was asked to give advice for women starting in their 20s. She gave her tips and once again stopped after 50. The interviewer prompted her to keep going, “You’re in your 60s, right, Bobbi?” She proceeded, but that’s what it took. I admire Bobbi but thought this was ridiculous.

I went to my grocery store, which has a great magazine selection, to do a little research. I looked at the advertisements of several fashion and health magazines. Sure enough, anti-aging creams, wrinkle reducing serums and all makeup ads featured young women. The

oldest model was Kate Winslet, and she’s 43!

We’re a youth-obsessed culture where beauty is associated with women under 30. But do these cosmetic companies really think we baby boomers are going to purchase their products based on a 20-year-old applying cream to her fresh, youthful, airbrushed face? She doesn’t look anything like me (or you). It’s a trick, unreal and a promise that doesn’t deliver.

Helen Mirren was the face of L’Oreal for a short time. I read that she only agreed to do the campaign if the company would not retouch the photos. She’s a babe! I’d love to know what she uses in real life.

Look, ma, no airbrushing. Helen Mirren, age 74

Isn't she lovely! Her beauty, wisdom and life experiences come shining through.

Follow me on Facebook @ashevillegreenbeauty for skincare tips, makeup advice, articles on healthy aging and self-care rituals, all focusing on women over 60. And continue reading where I'll be guest blogging from time to time. If you have questions about anything and everything to do how to look your best as an older woman, please leave a comment below. I'll be sure to read and address your concerns the next time I blog here.

Sheila Hansen

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Aug 23, 2019

What ever you're doing Sheila works. You are an expert in your field.

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