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Old or Older: It's A Choice

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Join my guest, Karen Brees, and me on Episode Four of the "Older Women & Friends" podcast. (I'm including a link below, but you can listen wherever you get your podcasts.)

Karen is the author of "Getting Real About Getting Older," a book filled with stories from scores of older women (and men.) She and co-author Linda K. Stroh spent years gathering information about when it dawned on folks that they were getting older, how they felt both psychologically and physically, what they planned to do in this new stage of life, how they were treated differently in today's society, and much more.

"Most of us are woefully ujprepared to effectively handle the transition to this stage of out lives." - Karen K. Brees

"I got one of those survey phone calls last night. The young woman asked to speak to the head of the house. Then she asked me if I were over sixty. I said I was. She thanked me and told me they were looking for younger people. I'd just been snubbed by a telephone survey taker. How desperate does that make me sound?"

Please share this link with your friends.

A new episode of "Older Women & Friends" will be available every Thursday.


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