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Older Women and Friends Podcast

"In 1966, all there was were condoms and diaphragms. I lied and said that I was married to get a diaphragm. It didn't work, and I was pregnant at 19." -- Lisa Kushner, 76

Well, I've decided to pull out all the stops. Yep, I'm doing just about everything I can think of that doesn't cost much money to get the women who read my blog (That's you!) to also tune in to "Older Women and Friends" wherever you listen to your podcasts, (And if you don't listen, maybe I can whet your interest to give this relatively new form of communication a try.)

I've gone and embedded this podcast player--a feat in itself--so that all you have to do to listen to "Grandmothers For Reproductive Rights," is click on the arrow on the player below. Whoever thinks of grandmothers still on the front lines? I know, I didn't. Surprise! Women who were out front in the 60s and early 70s struggling for the right to an abortion are back again.

And they learned a thing or two that they can pass on to younger women, particularly now that the Supreme Court has gone against the vast majority of Americans and given the finger to Roe v Wade and rendered abortions illegal AGAIN!

This episode of "Older Women and Friends" features the stories of two women, both in their 70s, who had illegal abortions before the passage of Roe v Wade. They talk about borrowing money, traveling on the sly, their fears, and the fears of their friends and, in one case, the fears of their family. What they experienced has influenced their lives for decades, and they don't want other women to be forced to take the same journey.


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