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Older Women & Friends

If you haven't subscribed (free) to "Older Women & Friends" on Facebook, please do. The comments are fascinating and are helping me plan my upcoming podcast by the same name.

In the meantime, here are some of the questions I've posed and some of the responses:

What concepts about aging would you like to dispel?

That it's all bad. But there are LOTS of good things about aging, and I'm happier now than I've ever been."

"80 is the new 60 (unless you stand naked and look in a full-length mirror)."

What does your current age feel like?

"Old in numbers but not in actions and thoughts."

"82 but I'm a decade younger."

Who were/are the most important mentor in your life"

"A favorite art teacher who lived the life of an artist."

"My grandmother who oozed unconditional love."

Do you enjoy a friendship with someone much older or younger?

"My worlds of friends and colleagues in my work worlds offer me the 26-75 yrs old perspective- I learn, am corrected, teach and try to listen openly every day."

"Friendships are key to living well. Kindred spirits don't consider numerical age significant."

What is the biggest risk you've ever taken?

"Being a female sports (soccer) writer when there were hardly any women reporters (1970s-80s) Taught me to be stronger and to ignore sexist comments."

"Getting married and leaving Hollywood."

I'm hoping that these thought-provoking questions and many more will encourage you to think about lessons learned and to check out "Older Women & Friends" on Facebook where you'll find a host of other questions to ponder and some very insightful answers.

I'm excited about this new journey of mine and look forward to you heading to Facebook (if that is a social media site that you frequent) and to listening to my first podcast that should be available soon. Stay tuned.



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