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Sleep Issues? You're Not Alone

More than 30 percent of women over 50 are dealing with sleep issues.

You’ve probably tried any number of solutions. Sadly, nothing has worked.

Lucinda Sykes, a retired physician and now a personal sleep coach, explains what we lose when we don’t sleep well and offers steps to ensure happy, rejuvenating sleep.

LISTEN TO: "Older Women Friends & Friends" Podcast Episode #5: Best Sleep Secrets for Women 50+

Sleep is a power cleanse for your brain. When your sleep brain doesn't get the cleanse it needs, so much suffers your energy, your enthusiasm, and, most importantly, your health.

Check out Dr. Syke's "Happy Sleep Secrets" @

Nothing substitutes for hearing someone speak. Sure, email and social media posts are all helpful. But, for example, when you hear Dr. Sykes on "Older Women & Friends," you will be impressed by her knowledge and enthusiasm. In fact, she was such a fascinating guest that I plan to interview her again--next time, about mindfulness and women's wisdom.

That reminds me. If you have questions, suggestions, or topics you'd like me to cover both here and on my podcast, please use the "Comment" section and get in touch. And you can always email me:


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