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The Creative Process

In my last blog, I suggested a few potential titles for my upcoming podcast and asked for your input. Thank you to those of you who responded. But as is often the case while creating something new--a painting, a short story, a piece of pottery, a fashion design--things change, often many times.

And things have changed with the title of my upcoming podcast. Some of the initial titles for which I asked your response were already "taken." Even if they aren't copyrighted, there's no reason to step on another podcaster's toes.

So, here is the logo for "Older Women & Friends." I worked with a talented graphic designer and after many different ideas, I settled on this one with a line drawing of me wearing the engineer's cap that I wear all the time in warm weather. I like the idea of being the engineer who steers the podcast and gives it its structure.

I am now learning how to edit the interviews for the show. And it's not easy! I don't consider myself a complete newbie when it comes to computers and recording and editing, but this is a challenge. I bought a new professional mic and have been recording, recording until my voice is a bit hoarse (and sexy.) LOL

A podcast is only as good as its guests and the conversation. I have "booked" three terrific women and have a list of many more. And I welcome any suggestions of guests or topics.

  • Karen K. Brees, PhD and author of Getting Real About Getting Older. Brees and her co-author asked over 1,000 older people about the challenges and joys of aging and compiled their collective wisdom into this book.

  • Lorraine Miano, an integrative certified health coach, author of The Magic of Menopause. (Hmm . . . I can't wait to hear her talk about "post-menopause zest"!)

  • Judith Severen, PhD, master coach, who will discuss aging and "the fear of being fabulous." She and her husband have co-authored a host of books that "help us grow."

In the meantime, I have started "Older Women & Friends," a private group on Facebook. If you're on Facebook, please become a "follower." I post all kinds of questions about aging and comments by influential older women who shed light on older women and how we ROCK!!!

Once the podcast takes off, I will summarize the interviews and highlight key information and advice here on this blog. But as you know, you can listen to a podcast at any time on your cell or on your computer. In addition to YouTube, there are a host of podcast apps. At the start, "Older Women & Friends" will be available on YouTube,, and which is the National Association for Baby Boomer Women site. Who knew?

Aging happily is all about staying involved, doing what you love, trying new projects/activities, and making new friends. Power to Older Women!

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1 Kommentar

16. Sept. 2022

Hi Jane,

This all sounds so exciting. Congratulations on your new venture.

I'm a firm believer of staying active and having a positive mind set. I'm spending the month of September in Hawaii (my home for 45 years before moving to FL). From here I'll fly to Phoenix where the rest of my family will gather from various places to give me an early 80th birthday celebration. Life is good!

Gefällt mir
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